College preparatory education begins in our elementary school program, in which students are taught an academic and bible curriculum. Along with core classes, students also have educational pull outs throughout the year in the areas of Spanish, computer, performing arts, and physical education. Students also participate in a number of extracurricular activities, including drum line, drill team, chapel, and academic competitions.

Academic Curriculum

Students in our elementary school are taught through a rigorous academic curriculum that includes core subjects in language arts, science, and mathematics. We offer “standards-based instruction,” which means that in order to achieve the academic standards and expected school-wide learning results 1.All students are involved in challenging learning experiences and 2.All teachers use a variety of strategies and resources that actively engage students, emphasize higher order thinking skills, and help them succeed at high levels.

Educational Pull-outs

A part of our college preparatory curriculum for the elementary school includes educational pull-outs, in which students K-5 spend part of their day being taught by teachers in our middle and high school program. Elementary students rotate between the following classes throughout the school year:

Computer- students begin learning how to type, use Microsoft Office programs, and research information on the internet in our “Mac Lab.” Students also learn how to use the lab’s Smart Board for presentations and lessons.

Performing Arts- students are taught choir and music during time in the Performing Arts Department. Many students also perform in the school plays, drill team, and drum line from their furthered interest in the arts.

Physical Education- throughout the year, elementary school students learn disciplined exercise routines, as well as the basic mechanics of sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, and running.

Spanish-  students k-5 learn basic language skills, including introductions, the days of the week, and numbers.

Spiritual Development

Along with our college preparatory academic curriculum, students are also taught a Bible curriculum as a part of their core class time. Students also attend chapel once a week.

Academic Competitions

As an accredited school and member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI), we participate in a number of academic competitions between other schools that are part of the organization. These competitions include the Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Speech Meet, Art Festival, and Science Fair.