Price Schools Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo by  Brian Kraus  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brian Kraus on Unsplash

The Marching Knights Drum Line (consisting of High School and Middle School students) was developed in 2006 under the teaching of Mr. Gharah Degeddingseze. Mr. Degeddingseze had been forming and coaching drum line shows since his Senior year in High School, 2000.  He also developed and taught the Recording Arts course here at Price, which many students have graduated from and are now working in the Music Industry. The Marching Knights Drum Line has participated in numerous parades and competitions, winning Second, First and Champion Place trophies.

With Mr. Degeddingseze career in the music industry flourishing, he was no longer able to remain at Price Schools. The Drum Line was then passed to the teaching of his brother, Mr. Khmalah Degeddingseze in 2013.  Now, Mr. Paul Smith, who studied under Mr. Degeddingseze is the instructor of all the Drum Line courses, Elementary (Squires & Young Knights), Middle School and High School (Marching Knights and Elite Marching Knights).

The Drill Teams and Color Guard Units, (Flags & Banner) were formed in 2007 under Ms Degeddingseze. That is the year the Price Schools begin participating in the Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles. All Marching Units, Drum Line, Drill Teams, Color Guards and Cheerleaders now have separate coaches. However, Ms. D oversees all of them when they are brought together for special events. Age levels of participants range from age 7 to 18 years old.

Moreover, every year since 2015, if Price Schools have not registered by December to participate in the parade, then we are called upon by the Parade organizers to please come and be a part of it because our school has the heart of Dr. Dove (the Founder) and the ABC broad castors.

We hope to see you at the Parade on January 21, 2019 at 11am!