Book a Campus Tour at Price Schools:

School Tours

Under the section “Schedule A Tour”, can we change it to say “School tours are available for prospective parents, donors and other interested parties. Tours are available by appointment only. To schedule a tour of our K-12, please click here. To schedule a tour of our preschool, please contact Ms. Harrington at (323) 758-3777 x4210.

Open House

Open Houses occur once each during the fall, winter and spring quarters at Price schools. Open Houses are catered to prospective parents, students and other interested parties looking to enroll at Price during the current or upcoming school years. To find out the next Open House date, please contact our Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator at (323) 789-3885..


Parents/guardians of students are welcome to visit. However, younger siblings and friends are not to be guests during the day. Upon arrival, visitors must report to the main office and sign-in the visitor/guest book. Once a visitor’s badge has been issued, the parent/guardian may observe the student’s class(es) for 20 minutes.

Frederick K.C. Price III Schools

7901 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90044
323.565.4199 (K-12 Main Office)
323.789.3885 (K-12 Admissions)
323.758.3777 x4210 (Pre-School Admissions)