Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools, affectionately known as “FKCP” or “Price”, is a value-based, college preparatory school housed on the secure 32 acre campus of the Faithdome in Los Angeles. Our campus community, in conjunction with a college-preparatory curriculum and stellar athletics program, is rich with Christian character building experiences. We provide high academic learning in a safe, disciplined, well-organized environment. Learn more about us today.


Allen Crabbe III

Allen Crabbe III

Thank you, ACIII, for giving us another opportunity to raise our mighty battle cry – GO KNIGHTS!

Our tremendous thanks and appreciation to Price alum and family, Allen Crabbe, whose very generous six-figure donation helped make our 2018-2019 academic year possible.  From pre-K through high school graduation, Allen was, as he said, “At that school practically my whole life.”  Allen’s years in the FKCP classrooms and on its venerable basketball court made his collegiate and NBA dreams a total reality.  As a result, making the decision to contribute towards meeting our financial need was, for him, a no-brainer.  In our toughest moment, Allen became, as Founder Angela Evans stated, “Our knight – Price Knight – in shining armor.”  Allen’s success and generosity, along with support from others in the Price Knight family, serve as inspiration to both current and future Knights. 



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