Non-discrimination Policy

Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools does not discriminate based on skin color, nationality or ethnic origin for purpose of admission, educational services, or disciplinary practices.


New Student Enrollment

  1. Parent/guardian completes an initial application online; once submitted, parent/guardian downloads and prints the following documents:

    • Completed Checklist

    • Emergency Information Form

    • Annual Field Trip Release Form

    • Talent Release

    • Waiver of Responsibility

    • Consent for Text Messages, Emails & Calls

    • Permission to Release Child Form

    • Request for Medication Form

    • Church Membership Form

    • Authorization to Request Records Form

    • Teacher Recommendations (2 Recommendations from a Math and English Teacher for 6th - 12th / 1 Recommendation for K-5th )

    • Administrator Recommendation

    Parent/guardian provides school with the following documents to complete the application.

    • Picture of Student

    • Recent Report Card

    • Transcripts

    • Standardized Test Scores

    • Immunization Records

    • Birth Certificate (copy will be made in school’s office)

    • Most recent TB Test

    • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License

All required documents MUST be submitted in order to complete the student candidates file.

2. Application, with a copy of a current photo I.D. of the student, must be summited by parent or legal guardian only, to the Admissions Office.

a. When submitting application, parent/guardian must have a copy of a current photo I.D. of the student.

b. Student must be living with at least one parent or legal guardian

3. Age and Health Requirements:

a. Student must reach the suitable age for the grade level assigned prior to admittance. Each kindergarten student should be 5 years old on or before September 1 st of the current school year. Administration and enrollment services will consider a prospective student, who is 4 years old with an upcoming birthday of 30-45 days beyond September 1 st , and who passes the FKCP III kindergarten assessment, and has aligned social skills. Acceptance is not automatic and will be made on a case by case basis.

b. Student must have a birth certificate and all proper health and immunization records to fulfill requirements.

c. All children entering school for the first time must show documentation of having received a comprehensive health screening examination within the past 12 months and provide documentation of up-to-date immunizations prior to admittance to school.

i. Beginning July 1, 2012, and beyond, all students entering the 7th grade will need proof of a Tdap booster shot before starting school.

4. Schedule an appointment with the Admissions Office for the student to take the Academic Assessment Test for K-12th grade applicants (assessment fee of $30.00 is due on the day of the assessment)

a. Student must satisfactorily pass the entrance exam and have a competitive GPA (middle and high school students only).

b. FKCP III Christian Schools’ administration will make the final determination of entrance based on academic promise, recommendations, interview, assessment and transcript review.

5. Parent/student interview with administration to ensure that:

a. At least one parent expresses a clear testimony of Christian faith.

b. The parents’ desire a Christian education for their child.

c. Family beliefs and practices are consistent with the standards, doctrine, and values of the school.

d. The prospective student expresses a desire to attend FKCP III Christian Schools.

e. Administration assesses the parent’s motivation in seeking the student’s enrollment in the school, as well as the student’s willingness to adhere to the academic and discipline policies.

f. The student/family is a good fit academically and socially (behavior, etc.) for FKCP.

6. Admission Classification Status: Admission to FKCP III Christian Schools can be either regular admission or academic/behavioral probation.

a. Students accepted on academic/behavioral probation will be required to meet all conditions set forth on a contract. Students not meeting the required conditions by the set date on the contract will be dismissed from the school.

b. FKCP III Christian Schools offers a program for students who desire an education in a Christian environment and are capable of achieving in a program dedicated to academic excellence.

c. Once the information for the student is complete, the parents will be informed of the administration’s decision within 5 business days of the interview by e-mail and phone call. If the information is incomplete, the decision will be delayed until the required information has been obtained. Also, further delay may ensue based on special circumstances of the applicant.

d. Acceptance can be Conditional and may be made with strict stipulations.

7. Acceptance

a. Parent/Guardian submits registration fee to the school’s Business Office, and any outstanding registration forms to the Main Office in order to hold a spot for the student.

b. Parent/Guardian meets with the finance coordinator to set-up a tuition and payment meeting.

c. Students may be placed on a waiting list, depending on space availability. For all grades, a student’s position on the waiting list depends on the date of application and admission classification.

d. Parents and students who have been granted admission to the school are required to complete all forms and pay all required fees prior to the student beginning school.

8. Upon acceptance, and it is later discovered that information (academically, behaviorally, socially, etc.) was withheld or falsified, the principal may review the information and rescind the student’s acceptance.